It is now nearly five months since Abi was last so poorly that she had to have an extended stay in the local hospital. And in that time, Abi’s health and mood have both dramatically improved.

Abi has not been totally free from hospital stays. Recently, she was admitted briefly when she spiked a temperature of forty degrees. That turned out to be due to a mild flu virus. Given she was coughing at the time, perhaps she should have been kept at home. But with chemotherapy compromising her immune system, and with such a high temperature, it was better to play it safe.

But other than that bump, we have had a very a good few months. In July, Abi’s weight had plummeted down to 16.5kg. I remember thinking she was on a downward spiral. Thankfully, Abi has proved me wrong. She’s eating brilliantly! In fact, nowadays she frequently tells me: “Daddy, I’m hungry!” and I have to stop what I’m doing and get her some food. I do so gladly. In fact, food has become one of Abi’s favourite subjects. She constantly asks me questions: “Daddy, what would happen if I ate lava?” “Out of a volcano?” I asked. “No. Out of a cup,” she said, laughing.

Abi’s doing well at school too, probably because she is there much more often. I have not heard: “No one likes me!” for ages, which was a frequent complaint a few months ago. So she has managed to reacquaint herself with her peers. The theatre group she goes to on Saturdays often remark that she seems to have so much energy. She is also a pleasure to have around the home and tantrums have long since melted into the distant past.

All-in-all, despite having to visit the local hospital twice a week so that Abi can have chemotherapy, a sense of carefree normality has returned to our home life. That’s such a pleasure, given where we were six months ago.

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