Facing Fear

I remember saying, during a discussion with friends, that we should try and overcome our fear of death. I remember thinking later that, actually, there was more to it than that; it was about transcending fear so it plays no part in your life. I now think that’s an excellent ideal, but one that is only available to those who have lived a privileged life, untainted by worry. Such people cannot achieve wisdom, however, because it is through adversity that we learn the dearest lessons.

For most people, transcending fear is unrealistic. Courageous men do not remove fear entirely from their lives. They face it full in the face, embrace it, overcome it, and then stride out the other side much stronger. I am afraid of what lies ahead for Abi. But my shoulders are broad enough to cope with that and strong enough to also carry my daughter’s fears, so she doesn’t have to.

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