Costa Rica

At the end of September 2009, Sarah went on a poi spinning holiday to Costa Rica. Poi involves swinging tethered sacks around your body so they form pretty geometric patterns. When it’s done well, it looks great. She had been practising the art for a few years and was getting good at it. When she mentioned the holiday to me, I encouraged her to go, telling her that the break would do her good. But, deep down, that wasn’t really the truth. In fact, I thought it was incredibly selfish and I couldn’t believe that she actually went away. Abi was only just out of the hospital!

During the fortnight Sarah was on holiday, we barely heard from her. I still don’t understand that behaviour. I guess removing herself entirely was her way of coping? Or perhaps our marriage had become so unbearable she just had to get away, despite her daughter’s health scare.

No similar offer of a break was ever reciprocated. Not that I’d have taken it; Abi’s illness had made me realise that every minute spent with my kids is precious.

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