Free Again

Abi was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015. By then she had stopped being sick, and she had started to regain some weight - back up to 18.5kg. Before Abi’s discharge, she had another MRI. Yesterday we got the results. After six years, you would think I would be used to scan results day, but I’m not. I get very nervous. This time I had reason to be; there was, of course, the possibility that her vomiting was somehow due to her brain tumours. But the scan proved that Abi’s tumours were stable; no growth, no shrinkage, just the same as things were three months prior. That was fantastic news. I could breathe again.

Indeed, it would be easy to prescribe all of Abi’s ailments to her tumours. Or chemotherapy, even. However, the doctors at our local hospital were busy considering other reasons. There is a history of migraines in the family, and at Abi’s age, that illness often manifests in the abdomen. So she has been prescribed Pizotifen, a drug for treating that. It also has the fortuitous side-effect, in Abi’s case, of increasing appetite. Indeed, since taking the drug, Abi has begun eating well again.

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