By the end of October 2009, Abi was much steadier on her feet and all of her favourite games seemed to involve lots and lots of spinning. All in a fit of giggles too. After everything that we had been through, these were lovely times. Abi’s doctors had warned me that she might easily descend into anger because the brain tumour could affect her mood. But watching her then, I found that difficult to believe.

Abi did throw a tantrum when we first took her home from the hospital. It lasted almost all the trip back, and I remember thinking it was a taste of things to come. But that was before the shunt was fitted. With high pressure on your brain, you’d be angry too! Now that the shunt was doing its thing, Abi was such a happy child.

She was still squinting, but as soon as Abi put on her glasses, I barely noticed. She looked fantastic. We had come a long way in three months.

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