I’m Scared

Abi just vomited again, and she got very upset: “I’m scared Daddy!”, she cried, through tears. “I’m scared that I’m going to die, Daddy!” she continued. I held her tight and tried reassuring her: “You’re not dying, Abi. The doctors here are taking good care of you,” I told her. Then, as firmly as I could muster: “You are not dying, Abi,” I repeated.

Abi settled down and soon fell asleep. Since being admitted to the hospital, that was the first time that she managed to sleep through the night, and she was much brighter for it when she awoke the next morning.

However, Abi’s fear shook me because, recently, the prospect of my daughter dying had occurred to me often. I was anxious and I couldn’t help thinking we were losing her.

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