A Stark Reminder

Over the next few months, Abi’s health continued to improve. I began to get the sense that the scare was well behind us. But I was soon to get a reminder that we were not yet out of the woods.

It was August 2010 and we had an appointment to see Abi’s Oncologist. “Abi’s tumour appears to have shrunk, Mr. Langston,” she told me. “The shrinkage is probably due to scar tissue having healed,” she said. “That’s fantastic news,: I replied, relieved. She appeared to recognise that I thought all of my daughter’s problems were behind her: ”However, Abi is still very much on the ‘watch and wait’ list, Mr. Langston,“ she said. ”Please keep in mind that further surgery is entirely possible,“ she told me. ”For the foreseeable future, Abi will be having scans every six months. She needs careful monitoring". The Oncologist’s warning frightened me. Abi was doing so well and I was enjoying parenting a healthy 3-year old daughter. It had been easy to ‘forget’ that, just a year before, she had undergone major surgery and she still had a brain tumour. The meeting was a reality check; a stark reminder of all that she had been through and what might lay in store for Abi.

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